• Setting up advertising on social networks
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google

Website traffic growth

Long term investment

Improve site performance

quality sites are promoted

The Benefits

A common misconception is that Social Media Marketing is all about getting new customers from Twitter (or Facebook etc.). This is only a small part of the strategy.

The most important benefits from an embedded social media campaign:

  • Enhance your trustworthiness – You will see an increase in your website’s conversion rates. People are re-assured by the presence of a regularly updated Twitter or Instagram feed on a website (hours, not days). It shows professionalism, authority and clearly displays that your site is “open for business”.
  • Brand recognition and repeat exposure – It is said of traditional advertising that a potential customer has to see your advert seven times before taking any action. This is your opportunity to get your brand under your potential client’s noses without being too bold.
  • Getting ahead of your competitors – Do your competitors use social media? If so, the majority will probably not be doing a good job of embracing it, so this is your chance to race ahead. If they are engaging well with Social Media, then you must get involved or you risk being left behind and losing your audience to your competition.
  • Grow your marketing power – As your followers increase your marketing power increases. The more following you have – the more people want to join in and get involved. It’s the psychologically powerful “crowd effect”: people always want to see what the crowd is interested in, and they join the crowd!
  • Improve your authority – When customers see that you have a busy social network with trivial activities relating to your chosen business field, they will automatically associate authority with it. Your business will be seen as one with increased credibility and specialist knowledge which, in turn, will also increase your sales conversion rates.
  • Return on investment – You’ll never see a better return on investment than from a well-run campaign. Google is now returning social media results in amongst its search results, with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram having literally hundreds of millions of users. You can get access to this market for a small monthly investment, especially when compared to other marketing channels.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – Google has placed more and more prominence on what are commonly referred to as “social signals”. We’ve found, that the best way to get SEO benefits from your social media campaign is to embed your Twitter or Instagram feed into your website. The constantly changing content will help propel your website up the rankings, resulting in more visitors and more sales. We’ll embed the feed into your site and make sure it updates when your social media does.

Let us take care of it

For a low monthly fee (see below), we will create a profile for your business, in detail, observing your products and services, thereafter implementing a social media strategy based on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, tweeting and posting regularly throughout the business day.

We will keep it interesting too!

The key word in social media marketing is “social”. We’ll keep it light hearted, interactive, fun and interesting. Nobody wants to subscribe to your social media messages (or “follow you”) if you are writing dull posts or simply promoting your products or services in every single post, in a mundane way.

We’ll promote your business, whilst engaging your and with your customers. We also ensure we post the correct keyword balance to get those wonderful Google benefits mentioned above.

SiteWizard’s SMM Service

Our SMM service can complement your SEO package to boost your website ranking (whether it’s one of our SEO campaigns, or if you are using someone else’s services).

We can integrate a great looking Twitter/Instagram feed into your website and use your existing Twitter/Instagram account or create you a brand new one if required. We will then spend time on a daily basis “Tweeting” or posting on your behalf, making your Twitter/Instagram account interesting and entertaining. There’s nothing stopping you from posting your own material either – we’ll just make sure you have the perfect balance of content to promote your business successfully and help with your Google SEO.

We schedule all your outbound Tweets and Instagram posts in our unique scheduling control panel, which allows you to review our work (we schedule a week ahead to give you time to see what we are writing for you), or even schedule your own content!

SMM Packages 

We can write content on your behalf, at the perfect volume for each platform. Our experts will profile your company and create tailored posts/tweets that go out 5 days a week.

  • 3 or 4 daily tweets
    3 weekly image tweets
  • 2 daily posts
    3 weekly image posts
  • 2 daily posts
  • Social Dashboard Account
  • Pre-configured RSS feeds
  • Dedicated content writer
  • Easy 7-14 day content review system
  • An in-depth social profile
  • All content by native English speakers


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