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In the modern age, countless of E-commerce businesses rely on social media and paid advertising, in order to attract traffic. If you have offer a wide range of products, search engine optimisation can feel overwhelming, which is why so many businesses treat it as an secondary course of action.

Yes, SEO does require some effort during the initiation stages, as well as consistent attention in order to move forward, however, get it right once and this cash cow will continue to bring paying customers – people who are actively looking for what you sell – all ready to enter your online store and hit the checkout.


The key to a successful E-commerce store is to have an SEO strategy that’s built around the purpose of your website.

An E-commerce site usually consists of numerous product pages and product descriptions, all of which need optimising, as well as the secondary process of taking orders and making sales online. As this is completely different to a service-based website, the focus of the suitable strategy is based around areas such as:

  • Keyword research – What search terms might your clients use to search for your services? This might include thinking about the specifics your clients are looking for and investigating what search terms your competitors are currently targeting.
  • Site architecture – How will visitors manoeuvre through your site and where will they expect to find certain services?
  • On-page optimisation – Are the right tags, headings, descriptions, etc. in place to help visitors and search engines understand what each page is about and locate with ease the services they require?
  • Content marketing – Are you presenting your expertise, authority and trustworthiness (EAT) through the content you publish?
  • Technical SEO – Can search engines crawl your site efficiently and how quickly do pages open for your visitors?
  • Local SEO – Are you attracting local customers as effectively as possible, if you run a conventional business? Steps such as the optimisation of your “Google My Business” listing, refinement of your directory listings, and building up a collection of online reviews will all make a difference.
  • Building links (internal) – Are services & reviews related and linked to one another? Are you making it as easy as possible for clients to browse your content?
  • Building links (external) – Which third party websites are linking back to your site? Are you making it easy for people to share their content on your networks? What do influencers have to say about your business?
  • Measuring your efforts – What tools are you using to measure your traffic and conversions? You’ll only know what’s working if you keep an eye on the data.


Running a successful business is demanding, hence why creating and following an SEO strategy that’s tailored for your E-commerce site may just be the last thing on your mind. We understand!

This is where we can help.

At SEO+, we don’t just talk about search engine optimisation – it’s what we do day in, day out. No wonder we were named the ‘Best SEO Provider, South West England, 2018’ in recognition of our SEO expertise.

We know how to create targeted, business-specific SEO strategies that deliver more clients and bookings.

We use expert tools to carry out audits, monitor the results of our SEO campaigns or simply find the optimal keywords.

What’s more, is that we can do it in a fraction of the time that it would take you. This means you can spend your time on other areas of your business, especially those that reflect your unique skills and competence.

Ecommerce SEO Guarantee

We won’t be the cheapest SEO provider, nor will we be the most expensive. One thing you can be sure of, however, is that you’ll only pay for what’s necessary to increase your online visibility and presence, business enquiries and profitability. Due to the fact that all of our methods and processes are done in-line with Google’s best practices, the results that we help you achieve will be long – lasting.


Businesses come to us following a bad experience with their previous SEO provider, so if you want a fantastic return on your SEO investment, be aware of whom you initially choose to work with/ Conduct your research and examine the results that the company of your choice provides, check out their testimonials and the ratings of their website.


We certainly don’t work with everyone, choosing only the businesses that we are certain we can help achieve their full potential. Thus, if we work with you, you will benefit from a great return on your investment.


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